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2080 Burger is a purveyor of gourmet burgers that have earned accolades for their distinctive blend of classic recipes and unique flavors.

We are committed to crafting exceptional burgers that are both delicious and creative, and our attention to detail is evident in every bite.

Our restaurant takes immense pride in serving the most exceptional smokey burger, complemented by authentic Balinese hospitality.

Our heartfelt service is sure to provide

an unforgettable dining experience.

At 2080 Burger, our passion for delectable cuisine, convivial company, and memorable experiences has always been at the core of our ethos.

The Famous Smoked Brisket

Experience an exquisite smokehouse adventure with our handcrafted, 18-hour smoked brisket. Our menu features a blend of American and Asian-inspired starters, complemented by characterful beverages and welcoming service.

Join us at 2080 Burger to indulge in our expertly smoked meats, carefully prepared for optimal tenderness and flavor.



We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality food using all-natural, premium ingredients.

Our signature smokey burger not only looks appetizing but also delivers a delectable taste that exceeds expectations.

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The support of a local community is invaluable. As a local business, we at 2080 Burger have experienced this firsthand since our establishment in 2020. We owe our continued existence to the unwavering support of other local businesses who believed in us and entrusted their needs to us. By doing business with our fellow local businesses, we support our neighbors, whom we know by face and name, in their endeavors.

We extend our gratitude to our loyal customers and Gojek Indonesia for the recognition they have bestowed upon us. We also wish to thank the hardworking team at 2080 Burger, who consistently go above and beyond to provide our customers with an exceptional culinary experience.

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