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2080 Burger specializes in chef-driven gourmet burgers, inspired by genuine flavors and classic recipes.

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2080 Burger

2080 Burger specializes in gourmet burgers that are inspired by classic recipes and unique flavors. Our focus is on offering world-class burgers that are delicious and creative, and attention to detail is evident in every bite.

We serve the best smokey burger that

you will ever have with Balinese hospitality service from the heart.

At 2080 Burger,

a love of good food,

good people, and good times

has been at the heart of what

we do.

Smoked Brisket

Rubbed, 18 hours smoked & handcrafted.

A delectable smokehouse experience is available to blow guests away with bold

and mouthwatering starters that are a mix

of American and Asian influences, drinks full of character, and warm service to match.

Get smokin’ with us for meats delicately smoked in the pursuit of tenderness and flavors at 2080 Burger.




We're dedicated to giving our customers

what they deserve.

The best smokey burger made with quality,

all natural fine ingredients that tastes as good

as it looks.

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Nothing beats the support of a local community. We know that for sure - we have been operating as a local company since we opened 2080 Burger shop in 2020. Part of the reason why we are still here is the immense support of the other local businesses who believed in us and entrusted their needs with us. And in return, doing businesses with other local businesses means that you are also helping a neighbor, someone you know by face and name, get by.

Thank you to all our beloved customers and Gojek Indonesia for the recognition given. And big thanks to 2080 Burger’s hardworking team. We will always go the extra mile to provide you with best Smokey Burger culinary experience.

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